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Virgin Orbit launches seven payloads
Posted: Wed, Jul 6 7:49 PM ET (2349 GMT)
Virgin Orbit launched seven payloads on its latest LauncherOne mission early Saturday. The LauncherOne rocket was released from its Boeing 747 carrier aircraft at 2:...

Atlas 5 launches military satellites
Posted: Wed, Jul 6 7:45 PM ET (2345 GMT)
An Atlas 5 launched two military satellites Friday night. The Atlas 5 lifted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, at 7:15 pm EDT (2315 GMT)...

PSLV launches satellites for Singapore
Posted: Wed, Jul 6 7:39 PM ET (2339 GMT)
India launched three satellites for Singapore June 30 on a PSLV. The PSLV launched at 8:32 am EDT (1232 GMT) from Sriharikota, India, on...

Falcon 9 launches SES-22
Posted: Wed, Jul 6 7:35 PM ET (2335 GMT)
SpaceX successfully launched a C-band communications satellite for SES June 29. The Falcon 9 lifted off from Cape Canaveral, Florida, at 5:04 pm...

Electron launches CAPSTONE lunar cubesat
Posted: Sat, Jul 2 12:42 PM ET (1642 GMT)
A Rocket Lab Electron launched a NASA lunar cubesat mission this morning. The Electron lifted off from the company's New Zealand launch site at...

House spending bill partially restores funding for NEO Surveyor
Posted: Sat, Jul 2 12:33 PM ET (1633 GMT)
A House spending bill would partially restore funding for a NASA planetary defense mission. The report accompanying a commerce, justice and science appropriations bill adds $...

China launches SAR satellite
Posted: Sat, Jul 2 12:31 PM ET (1631 GMT)
China launched a radar imaging satellite Monday. A Long March 4C rocket lifted off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center at 11:46 a.m....

Psyche to miss launch window this year
Posted: Sat, Jul 2 12:30 PM ET (1630 GMT)
NASA's Psyche asteroid mission will miss its launch window this year. NASA announced Friday that the project concluded there was not enough time to...

NASA planning for late August Artemis 1 launch
Posted: Sat, Jul 2 12:27 PM ET (1627 GMT)
NASA says it's on track to launch the first SLS as soon as late August. SLS managers said Friday that the campaign of practice...

Ariane 5 launches two communications satellites
Posted: Sat, Jun 25 12:36 PM ET (1636 GMT)
The first Ariane 5 launch in nearly half a year placed two communications satellites into orbit Wednesday. The Ariane 5 lifted off from French Guiana...

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China launches Wentian space station module
Posted: Fri, Jul 29 6:58 PM ET (2258 GMT)

SpaceX performs two Starlink launches
Posted: Fri, Jul 29 6:53 PM ET (2253 GMT)

European, Russian ISS crewmembers perform spacewalk
Posted: Fri, Jul 29 6:48 PM ET (2248 GMT)

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