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Friday, August 5
NASA, Roscosmos Project Camaraderie As Crew Exchange Flights Near — 4:46 am ET (0846 GMT)
Final SBIRS Missile Warning Satellite Finally in Orbit — 4:46 am ET (0846 GMT)
China launches reusable experimental spacecraft
Xinhua — 4:39 am ET (0839 GMT)
New Shepard launches sixth suborbital crewed flight — 4:37 am ET (0837 GMT)
China launches spaceplane for second time as part of double header — 4:37 am ET (0837 GMT)
ULA’s Atlas V launches final SBIRS GEO missile detection satellite — 4:37 am ET (0837 GMT)
SpaceX launches Danuri, South Korea’s first mission to the Moon — 4:37 am ET (0837 GMT)
South Korea Launches First Moon Mission on SpaceX Rocket
New York Times — 4:34 am ET (0834 GMT)
A Large Object Landed on His Sheep Farm. It Came From Space.
New York Times — 4:34 am ET (0834 GMT)

news in brief
China launches Wentian space station module
Posted: Fri, Jul 29 6:58 PM ET (2258 GMT)

SpaceX performs two Starlink launches
Posted: Fri, Jul 29 6:53 PM ET (2253 GMT)

European, Russian ISS crewmembers perform spacewalk
Posted: Fri, Jul 29 6:48 PM ET (2248 GMT)

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Monday, August 8

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