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Court filing describes Blue Origin's suit against NASA for HLS award
Posted: Sat, Sep 25, 2021, 2:42 PM ET (1842 GMT)
Starship lunar lander (SpaceX) A court filing released Wednesday outlines Blue Origin's lawsuit over NASA's Human Landing System (HLS) award to SpaceX. In the 59-page complaint, Blue Origin argues that SpaceX's proposal was deficient since it did not include all the required flight readiness reviews for launches of elements of its Starship lunar lander. That made the proposal "unawardable" under the rules of the procurement, Blue Origin claims. When NASA entered into negotiations to correct that, as well as adjust pricing, the agency should have also opened discussions with other bidders to allow them to revise their proposals, the complaint charges. The Court of Federal Claims released the complaint, with significant redactions, ahead of hearings next month, with a decision expected by Nov. 1. NASA halted work on its HLS award to SpaceX while the court hears the case.
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