STS-107 special report
China launches weather satellite
Posted: Wed, Dec 31 7:12 AM ET (1212 GMT)
Long March 3A launch of FY-2G (Xinhua) A Long March rocket placed a Chinese weather satellite into orbit on Wednesday in the final scheduled launch of 2014. The Long March 3A rocket lifted off from the Xichnag Satellite Launch Center at 8:02 pm EST Tuesday (0102 GMT, 9:02 am Beijing time Wednesday) and placed the Fengyun-2G satellite into a geosynchronous transfer orbit. The satellite will provide images and other meteorological data from geosynchronous orbit. Worldwide, the launch is the 92nd and final planned orbital launch of 2014, the most launches in a single year since 93 took place in 1994.

China launches reconnaissance satellite
Posted: Sat, Dec 27 10:53 AM ET (1553 GMT)
Long March 4B launch of Yaogan-26 (Xinhua) A Long March rocket placed the latest in a series of military reconnaissance satellites into orbit on Saturday. The Long March 4B rocket lifted off from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center at 10:22 pm EST Friday (0322 GMT, 11:22 Beijing time Saturday) carrying the Yaogan-26 satellite. As is standard practice, the Chinese media reported the satellite to be a spacecraft designed for civil remote sensing and scientific experiments. However, such satellites are widely believed in the West to be used primarily for military reconnaissance, in this case imaging.

Wednesday, March 25
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Tuesday, March 24
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Monday, March 23

Thursday, March 19
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Tuesday, March 17
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Monday, March 16
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Friday, March 13
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Thursday, March 12
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Monday, March 9
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Sunday, March 8