STS-107 special report
China launches two satellites within 24 hours
Posted: Fri, Nov 21 6:40 AM ET (1140 GMT)
Long March 2D launch of Yaogan-24 (Xinhua) Two Chinese launches placed into orbit Earth observation and disaster monitoring satellites in less than 24 hours on Thursday and Friday. A Long March 2D rocket lifted off from the Jiquan Satellite Launch Center in China at 2:12 am EST (0712 GMT, 3:12 pm Beijing time) Thursday and placed the Yaogan-24 satellite into orbit. The satellite, launched less than a week after Yaogan-23, is reported to be used for civil remote sensing and scientific experiments, but is widely perceived in the West to be a military reconnaissance satellite. At 1:37 am EST (0637 GMT, 2:37 pm Beijing time) Friday, a Kuaizhou rocket placed the Kuaizhou-2 satellite into orbit. The satellite is said by Chinese media to provide information on natural disasters. The Kuaizhou rocket is a small solid-fuel vehicle based on a ballistic missile.

China launches imaging satellite
Posted: Sat, Nov 15 10:31 AM ET (1531 GMT)
Long March 2C launch of Yaogan-23 (Xinhua) A Long March rocket placed a Chinese Earth imaging satellite into orbit on Saturday. The Long March 2C rocket lifted off from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center at 1:53 pm EST Friday (1853 GMT Friday, 2:53 am Beijing time Saturday) and placed the Yaogan-23 satellite into orbit. Chinese media said the satellite will be used for civil remote sensing and scientific experiments, but Western observers believe the satellite will be used for military reconnaissance. The launch was not announced in advance by Chinese officials.

Saturday, November 22
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Friday, November 21
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Thursday, November 20
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Wednesday, November 19

Tuesday, November 18
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Monday, November 17

Saturday, November 15
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Friday, November 14
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