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First SLS launch could slip to 2018
Posted: Thu, Aug 28 10:01 AM ET (1401 GMT)
Space Launch System (SLS) illustration (NASA) NASA announced Wednesday that its Space Launch System heavy-lift rocket has passed a key review, but also said the rocket may not be ready for its first launch until November 2018, nearly a year later than previously planned. The SLS completed what NASA calls its Key Decision Point C (KDP-C) review, clearing the program to proceed into further development. The KDP-C set an estimated cost of that development at just over $7 billion, but also said the rocket would be ready for its first flight no later than November 2018. NASA had previously indicated SLS would launch on its first mission, EM-1, in December 2017. NASA officials said they are still working towards that earlier date, and the November 2018 date comes from models with a confidence level of 70 percent. Separate KDP-C reviews of SLS ground systems, and of the Orion spacecraft, are planned before NASA officials believe they will have a better estimate of the EM-1 launch date.

SpaceX delays Falcon 9 launch to review systems
Posted: Wed, Aug 27 8:01 AM ET (1201 GMT)
Falcon 9 v1.1 launch of AsiaSat 8 (AsiaSat) SpaceX has delayed the next launch of its Falcon 9 rocket, which was scheduled for early Wednesday, by one to two weeks to review potential failure modes with the rocket. The company said in a statement Tuesday night, several hours after the delay was first announced, that it wanted "to review all potential failure modes and contingencies again," but said there was no specific issue with the rocket itself or its satellite payload, AsiaSat 6. The company also said the delay was not specifically linked to the loss of its F9R-Dev experimental vehicle during a flight Friday at the company's Texas test site. That flight, SpaceX said, suffered from a "blocked sensor port problem" that would not have been an issue on an operational Falcon 9.

Commission established to review Soyuz launch anomaly
Posted: Tue, Aug 26 1:02 PM ET (1702 GMT)
Arianespace announced Monday that it has established an independent commission to review the anomaly with Friday's Soyuz launch that placed two Galileo navigation satellites...

Next Falcon 9 launch slips one day
Posted: Mon, Aug 25 4:37 PM ET (2037 GMT)
SpaceX has delayed its next Falcon 9 launch one day, to just after midnight Wednesday, to allow more time to ensure there are no links...

Sea Launch to lay off staff during "manifest gap"
Posted: Mon, Aug 25 4:26 PM ET (2026 GMT)
Commercial launch provider Sea Launch will lay off some of its employees and take its vessels out of service temporarily as it deals with a...

Friday, August 29
Slung Low, Sweet Satellites
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EU satellites fired into wrong orbit by 'software bug'
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NASA, ASU partner to engage citizens in space exploration
Arizona State Univ. — 7:05 am ET (1105 GMT)
Bill Green: Cracking the Cosmic Code
Tallahassee (FL) Democrat — 6:59 am ET (1059 GMT)
Happy Birthday, ESA!
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Our Spaceflight Heritage: remembering STS-128, five years later
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Astronomers Witness Asteroid Smash-Up Around Sun-Like Star
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Solar arrays finally deployed on stranded Galileo satellites
Spaceflight Now — 6:42 am ET (1042 GMT)
SpaceX blames rocket explosion on bad sensor
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Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Glides Through a Dry Run — 6:39 am ET (1039 GMT)
Scientists open a window to sun's core – and try to pry it open further
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Race to Build NASA Space Taxi Down to the Wire — 6:28 am ET (1028 GMT)

Thursday, August 28
Far Out! Company Tracks Space Junk — 6:36 pm ET (2236 GMT)
NASA’s Big Rocket a Step Closer to Reality
The Planetary Society — 6:33 pm ET (2233 GMT)

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