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Comet flyby created Martian meteor shower
Posted: Sun, Nov 9 6:39 PM ET (2339 GMT)
Comet Siding Spring flies past Mars (NASA illus.) The closely flyby of a comet to Mars last month created an "impressive" meteor shower in the planet's atmosphere, according to data from several spacecraft in the vicinity of the planet. Comet C/2013 A1 Siding Spring passed less than 140,000 kilometers of the Red Planet on Oct. 19, and dust from the comet impacted the Martian atmosphere. Scientists examining data from Martian orbiters, placed on the other side of the planet from the comet during the time of closest approach, said the dust created "significant temporary changes" to the planet's upper atmosphere, including a temporary, but strong, layer of ions in the Martian ionosphere. Images of the comet's nucleus taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft showed it to be less than two kilometers across, smaller than expected.

Mars spacecraft survive comet flyby
Posted: Wed, Oct 22 7:53 AM ET (1153 GMT)
Mars comet flyby illustration (NASA) Spacecraft from the United States, Europe, and India all reported no problems after a comet passed within 140,000 kilometers of Mars this week. Comet C/2013 A1 Siding Spring sped past Mars on Sunday, coming as close as 139,500 kilometers to the surface of Mars. Space agencies, concerned that high-velocity dust from the comet could harm spacecraft, maneuvered their spacecraft so that they would be on the opposite side of the planet from the comet during closest approach. NASA, ESA, and ISRO all reported afterwards that their spacecraft, including new Mars orbiters MAVEN from the US and MOM from India, experienced no problems during the flyby, and were able to collect observations of the comet as well. Images of the comet by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter indicate that its nucleus is less than half the size as previously expected.

Study raises doubts about viability of Mars One
Posted: Wed, Oct 15 8:29 AM ET (1229 GMT)
A proposed privately-developed one-way mission to Mars would likely kill its crew within months of arriving on the planet, according to an MIT...

Mars spacecraft prepare to observe comet flyby
Posted: Tue, Oct 14 8:41 AM ET (1241 GMT)
An international fleet of spacecraft orbiting and on the surface of Mars are planning to observe a comet as it makes a close flyby of...

NASA and ISRO sign agreement on Mars, Earth science cooperation
Posted: Sat, Oct 4 9:27 AM ET (1327 GMT)
The space agencies of India and the United States signed an agreement this week to cooperate on both an Earth sciences mission and Mars exploration....

Thursday, November 27
Frost-covered chaos on Mars
ESA — 8:50 am ET (1350 GMT)

Wednesday, November 26
Mars Project Aims to Raise Money for Space Exploration — 7:30 pm ET (0030 GMT)
Our Spaceflight Heritage: Curiosity three years later
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Tuesday, November 25
90,000 Messages Will Be Beamed to Mars Friday — 8:08 pm ET (0108 GMT)

Monday, November 24
Jim Watzin Returning to NASA as Mars Czar
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NASA Engineer Lectures on Mars Exploration
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Sunday, November 23
On Mars or in Nye County, it still looks like Pahrump
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