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Mars orbiter images reveal Beagle 2 lander
Posted: Sat, Jan 17 8:04 AM ET (1304 GMT)
Beagle 2 discovery image (HiRISE/JPL/NASA/Parker/Leicester) Images from a NASA spacecraft show that the UK's Beagle 2 lander, lost since it arrived at Mars in late 2003, did appear to land intact but did not fully deploy afterwards. Officials with the UK Space Agency released on Friday images from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which show an object on the surface in the expected landing area that appears to be Beagle 2. The images indicate that the small spacecraft did land intact, contrary to previous fears, but did not fully deploy its solar panels and antenna afterwards, and thus could not communicate with Earth. Beagle 2 flew to Mars as a secondary payload with ESA's Mars Express orbiter, and was scheduled to land on Mars on Christmas Day of 2003. Controllers never heard from the spacecraft after the scheduled landing time, leading to speculation that the spacecraft crashed.

Curiosity detects methane "spikes" in Martian atmosphere
Posted: Wed, Dec 17 7:41 AM ET (1241 GMT)
Curiosity self portrait, June 2014 (NASA) NASA's Curiosity Mars rover has detected short-lived increases in methane concentrations in the Martian atmosphere, although scientists cautioned this does not mean the methane is produced by life. An instrument on Curiosity measured two spikes in the concentration of methane in the atmosphere, ten times above usual levels; the methane concentrations decayed within months. Scientists said the methane source must be localized, but have no data on what could be causing the methane release. Methane on Mars could be produced by microbes living below the Martian surface, but also through geological processes like the interaction of minerals with water.

Curiosity data shows Gale Crater once a lake
Posted: Wed, Dec 10 8:31 AM ET (1331 GMT)
Data collected by NASA's Curiosity Mars rover has led scientists to conclude that the crater the rover is exploring was once a lake whose...

Comet flyby created Martian meteor shower
Posted: Sun, Nov 9 6:39 PM ET (2339 GMT)
The closely flyby of a comet to Mars last month created an "impressive" meteor shower in the planet's atmosphere, according to data from several...

Mars spacecraft survive comet flyby
Posted: Wed, Oct 22 7:53 AM ET (1153 GMT)
Spacecraft from the United States, Europe, and India all reported no problems after a comet passed within 140,000 kilometers of Mars this week. Comet...

Sunday, January 25
My favourite Martian
Bangkok Post — 8:02 am ET (1302 GMT)
Microsoft and JPL create virtual Mars with HoloLens
SpaceFlight Insider — 7:51 am ET (1251 GMT)

Saturday, January 24
Hilltop Panorama Marks Mars Rover's 11th Anniversary
NASA/JPL — 9:00 am ET (1400 GMT)
Helicopter Could be 'Scout' for Mars Rovers
NASA/JPL — 8:59 am ET (1359 GMT)
Students to send life to Mars on board Mars One lander in 2018
SpaceFlight Insider — 8:54 am ET (1354 GMT)

Friday, January 23
NASA is testing an autonomous Martian helicopter
The Verge — 7:24 pm ET (0024 GMT)
NASA Not Ready To Update Mars Mission Architecture
Space News — 6:53 pm ET (2353 GMT)

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