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China launches two navigation satellites
Posted: Sun, Jan 14 5:44 PM ET (2244 GMT)
Long March 3B launch of two Beidou satellites, January 2018 (Xinhua) China launched a pair of Beidou navigation satellites Thursday. The Long March 3B rocket lifted off from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center at 6:18 pm EST (2318 GMT) and placed the two satellites into medium Earth orbits. The satellites are part of an effort by China to complete a constellation of satellites providing navigation services globally by 2020.

Arianespace plans a record number of launches in 2018
Posted: Sun, Jan 14 5:43 PM ET (2243 GMT)
Ariane 5 launch of four Galileo satellites, Dec. 2017 (ESA) Arianespace expects to carry out a record number of launches in 2018. The company announced Tuesday it's planning 14 launches this year, including seven Ariane 5, four Soyuz and three Vega missions. Arianespace announced Tuesday that it signed a contract with Intelsat for two launches, including of the Galaxy-30 communications satellite Intelsat ordered from Orbital ATK earlier this week. Arianespace also said it's placed an order for a final batch of 10 Ariane 5 rockets that will cover launches into the early 2020s as the new Ariane 6 rocket enters service.

Orbital ATK wins Galaxy 30 order
Posted: Sun, Jan 14 5:42 PM ET (2242 GMT)
Intelsat has ordered a satellite from Orbital ATK to begin a partial replenishment of its Galaxy fleet. The Galaxy 30 satellite, slated for launch in...

China launches two SuperView satellites
Posted: Sun, Jan 14 5:40 PM ET (2240 GMT)
A Long March rocket launched two commercial imaging satellites late Monday. The Long March 2D rocket lifted off from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center at...

Fate of Zuma payload unknown after Falcon 9 launch
Posted: Sun, Jan 14 5:39 PM ET (2239 GMT)
A classified payload launched on a Falcon 9 January 7 is rumored to have been lost. The Falcon 9 lifted off at 8:00 pm...

Thursday, January 18
First ICEYE-X1 Radar Image from Space Published
PR Newswire — 5:37 am ET (1037 GMT)
U.S. missile-deterrence to get upgrade from Florida launch
Orlando Sentinel — 5:31 am ET (1031 GMT)
Iridium confident NEXT will remain on track; all eyes on Falcon Heavy
Runway Girl Network — 5:28 am ET (1028 GMT)
The hidden fees of SpaceX
Washington Times — 5:26 am ET (1026 GMT)
Kazakhstan, U.S. vow to step up space cooperation
Kazinform — 5:21 am ET (1021 GMT)
California tax on space companies would end under Assembly bill
San Francisco Chronicle — 5:20 am ET (1020 GMT)
Irvine MP takes the lead in space debate
Irvine (Scot.) Times — 5:19 am ET (1019 GMT)
JAXA launches Epsilon-3 rocket
NHK — 5:14 am ET (1014 GMT)
JAXA low-cost rocket puts radar-imaging satellite in orbit
Asahi Shimbun — 5:12 am ET (1012 GMT)
TNCC honoring NASA Langley with Presidential Leadership Award
Hampton Roads Daily Press — 5:10 am ET (1010 GMT)
Let's talk about NASA's latest commercial crew delay
The Planetary Society — 4:59 am ET (0959 GMT)

Wednesday, January 17
Canadarm2 to get another new hand
CSA — 9:11 pm ET (0211 GMT)
Cassini Finds Saturn Moon Has 'Sea Level' Like Earth
NASA/JPL — 9:11 pm ET (0211 GMT)

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