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NASA delays launch of Mars InSight lander
Posted: Thu, Dec 24 5:12 PM ET (2212 GMT)
InSight lander illustration (NASA) NASA announced Tuesday that it was delaying the launch of its Mars InSight lander mission, previously planned for March, until at least mid-2018 because of problems with one of its key instruments. NASA said continued problems with one of the lander's main instruments, a seismometer supplied by the French space agency CNES, would prevent the mission from launching in March. The instrument experienced a series leaks in its vacuum chamber that would have kept it from working once on Mars, and NASA decided that, after the latest leak was found in testing Monday, the instrument could not be ready in time for launch. The next launch window is in May 2018, but NASA said it would study potential solutions to the instrument problem and their costs before making a decision on when, or even if, to launch the mission.

Falcon 9 launches ORBCOMM satellites and lands first stage
Posted: Thu, Dec 24 5:03 PM ET (2203 GMT)
Falcon 9 first stage landing after ORBCOMM launch Dec 2015 (SpaceX) A SpaceX Falcon 9 successfully launched 11 ORBCOMM satellites Monday night, landing the rocket's first stage a few kilometers from its Cape Canaveral launch pad. The upgraded Falcon 9 lifted off at 8:29 pm EST Monday (0129 GMT Tuesday) carrying 11 Orbcomm second-generation satellites. After the second stage separated from the first to deliver the satellites to low Earth orbit, the first stage did a series of engine firings to return to the Cape, making a landing in the middle of the pad at a decommissioned launch site called Landing Zone 1. The landing, the first time SpaceX successfully recovered the rocket's first stage, is a major milestone in the company's efforts to make the vehicle reusable. Orbcomm reported that all 11 satellites were in good health after launch.

NASA astronauts complete brief ISS repair spacewalk
Posted: Thu, Dec 24 4:55 PM ET (2155 GMT)
Two NASA astronauts went outside the International Space Station on Monday to move a stuck cart into its proper position. Astronauts Scott Kelly and Tim...

Progress launches to ISS
Posted: Thu, Dec 24 4:49 PM ET (2149 GMT)
The first of a new generation of Progress cargo spacecraft arrived at the International Space Station early Wednesday, two days after launch. A Soyuz rocket...

SpaceX plans Sunday launch and first stage landing attempt
Posted: Sun, Dec 20 12:21 PM ET (1721 GMT)
SpaceX confirmed Saturday that it plans to launch its upgraded Falcon 9 rocket on Sunday evening, and attempt to land the rocket's first stage...

Monday, February 8
SES-9 Launch Targeting Late February
Florida Today — 4:42 am ET (0942 GMT)
SpaceX targeting Feb. 24 Falcon 9 launch of SES-9
Florida Today — 4:41 am ET (0941 GMT)

Sunday, February 7
North Korea Successfully Puts Its Second Satellite in Orbit
Union of Concerned Scientists — 8:45 am ET (1345 GMT)
N. Korea Praises Rocket; Others View as Covert Missile Test
New York Times — 8:41 am ET (1341 GMT)
North Korea rocket launch prompts rise in Asian tensions
Financial Times — 8:40 am ET (1340 GMT)
GLONASS-51 to replenish Russia's navigation network
Russian Space Web — 8:36 am ET (1336 GMT)
North Korea to Launch More Satellites to Orbit – Embassy in Moscow
Sputnik International — 8:33 am ET (1333 GMT)
Editorial: No sense in flushing investment in spaceport
Las Cruces (NM) Sun-News — 8:31 am ET (1331 GMT)
Pluto has 'floating hills,' NASA says
CNN — 8:28 am ET (1328 GMT)
'Fat as a Goose': 45 Years Since Apollo 14 (Part 2)
AmericaSpace — 8:24 am ET (1324 GMT)
DPRK launches long-range rocket
Xinhua — 8:18 am ET (1318 GMT)
USSTRATCOM Detects, Tracks North Korean Missile Launch into Space
US Strategic Command — 8:15 am ET (1315 GMT)
Soyuz 2-1B launches latest GLONASS-M spacecraft — 8:13 am ET (1313 GMT)
North Korea’s Rocket Launch Triggers Missile-Defense Moves
Wall Street Journal — 8:11 am ET (1311 GMT)
Russian Glonass-M Satellite Reaches Orbit on Soyuz-2.1B Carrier Rocket
Sputnik International — 7:59 am ET (1259 GMT)

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