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n e w s   s u m m a r i e s
a r t i c l e s

Sunday, January 13
Space dreams: Alum Frank Bunger’s quest to make space tourism a reality
Univ. of California Berkeley — 10:35 am ET (1535 GMT)

Thursday, January 10
Blue Origin Holds Off On New Shepard Ticket Sales
Aviation Week — 5:32 am ET (1032 GMT)

Wednesday, January 9
Space Tourism: a Message from the Cockpit [satire]
The New Yorker — 6:25 am ET (1125 GMT)

Monday, January 7
It’s one small step closer to launch for first Irish astronaut
The Times of London — 6:13 am ET (1113 GMT)

Sunday, January 6
XCOR 'Space Tourists' Push for Ticket Refunds: Report — 9:00 am ET (1400 GMT)

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