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Saturday, January 13
SpaceX Delays First Test Flights Of NASA's 'Space Taxi'
Investor's Business Daily — 8:15 am ET (1315 GMT)
Safety panel warns of delays in NASA building new spaceships
WESH-TV Orlando — 8:15 am ET (1315 GMT)
Falling rocket booster explodes near a town in China
The Verge — 8:09 am ET (1309 GMT)
Classified NROL-47 mission launches from Vandenberg
SpaceFlight Insider — 8:04 am ET (1304 GMT)
SpaceShipTwo conducts successful test flight
SpaceFlight Insider — 8:03 am ET (1303 GMT)
Black hole spin cranks-up radio volume
Eurekalert — 8:02 am ET (1302 GMT)
Pollution is endangering the future of astronomy
Science News — 8:01 am ET (1301 GMT)
Astronomers spinning out over comet rotation
Cosmos Magazine — 8:00 am ET (1300 GMT)
China launches land exploration satellite
Xinhua — 7:59 am ET (1259 GMT)
Long March 2D launches latest Ludikancha Weixing satellite — 7:56 am ET (1256 GMT)

news in brief
Soyuz sends new crew to ISS
Posted: Tue, Dec 4 5:06 PM ET (2206 GMT)

NASA selects winners in CLPS competition
Posted: Tue, Dec 4 5:04 PM ET (2204 GMT)

Rocket launches Russian military satellites
Posted: Tue, Dec 4 5:02 PM ET (2202 GMT)

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Wednesday, December 12
Spire Taps Galileo for Space-Based Weather Data
GlobeNewswire — 3:35 am ET (0835 GMT)

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