Mir reentry event coverage  
M i r   n e w s   s u m m a r i e s
M i r   a r t i c l e s

Saturday, August 22

Sunday, June 28

Sunday, April 5
The Plan to Shoot a Steamy Romance in Space
OZY — 8:28 am ET (1228 GMT)

Tuesday, March 31

Monday, March 23

Tuesday, March 3
ExoMars parachute tests delayed, mission faces review
Space News — 4:10 am ET (0910 GMT)

Sunday, February 9

Monday, February 3

Thursday, September 5

Friday, July 6

M i r   l i n k s
Final stage of OC "MIR" flight
Information about the reentry directly from Russian mission control
Information about the reentry and an expedition to see it from an aircraft
The Final Days of Mir
Reentry information from the Center for Orbital and Reentry Debris Studies
SpaceRef's Mir Guide
News, information, and assorted links
Fiery Finale: Mir Dalls to Earth
Reentry news and information from SPACE.com
Updates about Mir courtesy of Chris v.d. Berg
meMIRabilia watch
Information about memorabilia from Mir from collectSPACE

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